Humpback Whales: Hawaii's Humpback Whales Book

Humpback Whales: Hawaii's Humpback Whales Book
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Hawaii's Humpback Whales by Gregory D. Kaufman and Paul H. Forestell

Hawaii's Humpback Whales is an informative and richly illustrated description of the humpback whale and its behavior. This book is unique in providing the opportunity to learn about one species of whale in sufficient degree to recognize its behaviors and displays, and perhaps even to interpret the significance of many of them. This fine volume includes a behavior "key" describing activities and contexts in which they occur; detailed information on where and how to watch for whales; regulations governing human activity in the vicinity of whales; what to do in the case of stranding; and a discussion of the future management and conservation of humpback whale populations.

Soft cover, 176 pages.

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